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Scientific Articles

de Paiva, A., Jedon, R. (2019) Short- and long-term effects of architecture on the brain: Toward theoretical formalization, Frontiers of Architectural Research. Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2019, Pages 564-571

Access here.



de Paiva, A. (2018) Neuroscience for Architecture: How Building Design Can Influence Behaviors and Performance. Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture 12. 132-138 

Access here.

Gonçalves, R. e de Paiva, A. (2014) Triuno: Neurobusiness e Qualidade de Vida. SP: Clube de autores
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ANFA participations:

2020 Conference

An Approach to Categorization of Architecture's Effects on the Brain Based on Time of Exposure to Stimuli


2018 Conference

Emotions & Senses: the relation between architecture, emotions and perception

2016 Conference

Poster Neuro-architecture & Workplace Design: How space can affect performance and well-being

Other publications:

Podcast How NeuroArchitecture Influences Us (2020) AWTalks. Accesss here.

Territoriality in the Digital Era: insights from neuroarchitecture to workplace design . (2020) Article published at Athié Wohnrath's website. Access here.

Why will offices be important after COVID-19? (2020) AArticle published at Athié Wohnrath's website. Access here.

Wellbeing and the new relations with the environment: what is the role of architects? (2020) Interview at ForMobile Digital Week. Access here.

How NeuroArchitecture Changes the Way We Design  (2020) Article published at Athié Wohnrath's website. Access here.

News coverage from Jornal da Band inspired by our article NeuroArchitecture in Times of Lockdown

(posted on 21st of April, 2020). Access the video here

NeuroArchitecture and the Future of Real State Market. (2019). Unisecovi. Access here.

NeuroArchitecture Uses Science to Create Projects That Impact Emotions (2019). Jornal Estadão. Access here.

Neurobusiness, NeuroArchitecture, taxation and normative design (2018) Talk at NEF/FGV Direito SP. Access the video here or the English article about the event here.

Política Habitacional Após as Chaves: Os desafios na sustentabilidade de conjuntos habitacionais (2017) Revista Conjuntura da Construção, ano 15 n° 2.

Access here.

O Impacto das Inovações Tecnológicas no Desenvolvimento Urbano (2016) Revista Conjuntura da Construção, ano 14 n° 3.

Access here. 

Um cérebro doente na selva de pedras.” (2016) Infomoney

Access here.

Smart Cities, Smart Citizens (2014) Revista Conjuntura da Construção, ano 12 n° 3.

Access here. 

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