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Andréa de Paiva

Consultant at FGV (Getulio Vargas Foundation) since 2014 and consultant of NeuroArchitecture at Athie Wohnrath since 2020. Joint-coordinator and Professor of the Neurobusiness course at FGV-IDE. Creator and Professor of the Neuroscience Applied to Environments and Creation course at FAAP (Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado).


Master of Arts (MA) in Architecture  (Middlesex University, London -2015),  with focus on neuroscience applied to architecture, and major in architecture and urban design (University of São Paulo - USP-, Brazil -2010).


Certified in theater at Teatro-Escola Célia Helena (2008) and Design Thinking at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology -MIT- (2017).


Co-author of the book Triuno: Neurobusiness e Qualidade de Vida.

Lecturer of themes related to neuroarchitecture and neurourbanism; neuroscience and soft skills; and unconscious bias and female leadership.

About the author...

In 2013 when I was first invited to speak about NeuroArchitecture. I already knew a few things about neuromarketing, but since neuroarchitecture was still a very new field, there was not a lot of material available to research. 


However, noticing the great potential of such an innovative field, I started my journey looking for any information not only about neuroscience directly applied to architecture (there was not that much at the time), but also other applications, such as marketing, leadership, economics and education. In studying so many different ways to apply neuroscience, I was  able to build a bridge between those and architecture. That was how I managed to gather enough material not only to lecture, but also to co-write,  the book Triuno: Neurobusiness e Qualidade de Vida (not yet translated to English).

Increasingly enamored with the subject, I moved to London to pursue a Masters Degree in NeuroArchitecture. There I had the opportunity to deepen my studies in the field and I got to know incredible examples of the application of neuroarchitecture, such as the Volvo truck factory in Gothenburg, the Evelina’s Children Hospital and the Innocent Drinks company in London.

Today I am a NeuroArchitecture consultant at Athie Wohnrath, joint-coordinator of the Neurobusiness course at FGV (the largest think tank in South America) and I also created the course Neuroscience Applied to Environments and Creation at FAAP, which, by the end of this year, will have completed its 7th edition. I want to share my knowledge not only with the creators of spaces, but also with its users. The impacts that the built spaces we attend might have on our wellbeing and behavior is far beyond what the psychology of architecture already exposed. All of us, creators and users, must understand the potential of NeuroArchitecture so that we can create better buildings and cities.

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